Catalog #: AHE-14
Format: 12" Vinyl EP/CD/Digital
Release date: 2011

EP: $12

CD: $8

1. Portrait
2. Paradise
3. Terminal Phase
4. Birds of Prey
5. No Man’s Land
6. Terror Management

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AHE-14 PSYCHOBUILDINGS – s/t – 12″ EP: $12 / CD: $8

After releasing two killer singles last year NYC’s Psychobuildings unveil their first 12″ record in EP format. Just shy of 20 minutes this slab of vinyl showcases the band’s already unbeatable dance numbers as well as some finely constructed psychedelic trance inducers heard previously only in their much buzzed about live set. Balancing New Romantic synth explorations with the beat boxing lyricism of Old School Hip-Hop Psychobuildings have come up sounding fresh in delivery and style. Front man Peter LaBier brings the guts back into pop with a feel for groove and and an ear for hooks. His spirited vocals recall legendary post-punk singers like Robert Smith and David Byrne while his frenetic dance moves would make the King of Pop smile. Produced by hit making sound engineer Peter Wade (Wonder Sound, M.N.D.R) and fleshed out by the synth wizardry of Peter Schuette (Test House, Peter’s House Music) and multi-instrumentalist Juan Pieczanski (Small Black), the self-titled EP fires on all cylinders from start to finish.

-12″ EP comes includes dedicated sleeve, complete lyrics and a download card.
-CD EP comes in full color digi pak.


“[Portrait]features LaBier’s elastic vocals and a well-placed pile of skittering synths and drum machines.”
-Larry Fitzmaurice (Pitchfork)


“We’ve thus far compared Psychobuildings to just about every atmospheric ’80s band we’ve ever liked, and “Portrait” isn’t going to make us stop. It’s pretty much everything that was cool about The Cure and Depeche Mode—which was mainly that they gave a fuck about giving a fuck and were willing to do it over some of the catchiest bass/downtuned guitar riffs around. Same vibe with Psychobuildings—it feels like nothing is off limits for these guys.”
-Sam Hockley-Smith (The Fader)


“…a smoldering summer jam full of infectious bass line and funky synths. Think early !!! or, to go even further back, ESG. LaBier’s vox is also at the center of this thinking man’s party, as he delivers one of his best dance rants yet.”