Regen 1:1

Regen 1:1

Catalog #: FLX 01
Format: Cassette
Release date: 2013

Cassette: $5

1. Abstracta
2. Circus Stance
3. Night Tripper
4. Sun Awake Edit
5. Regen1.1
6. Moon Shift

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Regen 1:1

(Self-Released) FONO LUXE – Regen 1:1 – CASSETTE: $5
Fono Luxe is the recording project of Virginia Plain members Justin Miller, Christian Reinhardsen, and Robert Boston. Their self-released cassette is comprised of improvised experiments using a TR-808, Juno 6, Univox Mini Korg, MS-20, Space Echo and a Fender P-Bass. Recorded direct to 1/4″ tape.

Blue cassettes. Extremely Limited!