Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting

Catalog #: KNIFE022
Format: 7" Vinyl
Release date: 2012


A: Love Everlasting
B: Hallelujah Kid

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Love Everlasting

KNIFE022 (DULL KNIFE) ZACHARY CALE – Love Everlasting b/w Hallelujah Kid – 7″: $6

Part of the ongoing songwriter 7″ series curated by Houston TX. based label Dull Knife (Dan Melchior, Richard Youngs, Daughn Gibson). Featuring two full band bangers written and performed by Zachary Cale & The Rain Band.

-7″ comes in silk-screened Arigato (Chipboard) jackets with 1 of 3 photos adhered to the back. Extremely limited!


“Zachary Cale is one of the only alt-country/Americana artists I bother to follow, and he hasn’t let me down yet. Don’t even get me started on that Illuminations LP; the guy has done his homework. “Love” sounds like it could have been recorded during Lennon’s lost weekend, but that’s almost giving it short shrift. This is a powerful, slow shuffle toward the sun as death stalks from the shade, constructed of layered acoustic guitar, distant electric-guitar flourishes and backup vocals, bass that propels the ship forward, and drums simpler than a game of tic-tac-toe. Cale has done it before, and he’s doing it again; don’t let the sun go down on this heavy-ass 7-inch before you get a copy.
-Gumshoe (Tiny Mix Tapes)


“…he is certainly a talent as a composer and lyricist, his reedy, hangdog style supported by songs that are pure class. When the rest of the world will take notice is anyone’s guess, but this music will wait for you all to catch up.”
-Doug Mosurock (Still Single/Dusted Magazine)


“’Love Everlasting’, a drunken waltz that sounds like a humbler Jonathan Fire Eater, feeling pretty bad tomorrow morning but pretty great tonight. ‘Hallelujah Kid’ is a finger-plucked delight, just waiting for the perfect sensitive indie-twee movie to come along and pick it up as the centerpiece of its soundtrack. Serious ‘driving across country to propose to her’ song here.”
-Yellow Green Red