Catherine Market

Catherine Market

Catalog #: LSE 024
Format: Cassette
Release date: 2012

Cassette: $5

A Theme for All of Us
Swallowed Diamonds
Not in a Bad Way
I Still Pull the Silver (From the Penny Drawer)
Dancing for Eels
Catherine in the Grass
The Wife of Paris
Song to an Actress
In the Diner
Playing Stranger

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Catherine Market

LSE 024 (La Société Expéditionnaire) JONATHAN BYERLEY – Catherine Market – CASSETTE: $5

Plates Of Cake front-man Jonathan Byerley channels the spirit of a true rock & roll outcast, delivering an oddball classic of literate, rambling gems (think Skip Spence & Gene Clark). His debut solo LP is a contemporary twist on sun-scorched country-rock; a golden key to the long-locked bungalows of Laurel Canyon circa 1969.

La Société Expéditionnaire