Outlander Sessions

Outlander Sessions

Catalog #: NWOS-28
Format: LP/CD/Digital
Release date: 2005


CD: $10

1. Ophelia
2. A Marked Man
3. Hymn to Beauty
4. Pinata
5. Train of Thought/ Winter Picking
6. Truck Song
7. Ailment
8. Chasing the Blue
9. Don’t Curse Me When I’m Gone
10. On the Couch

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Outlander Sessions

NWOS-28 (New World of Sound) ZACHARY CALE - Outlander Sessions  -  LP: $14  /  CD: $10

Upon his relocation from Olympia WA. to NYC in 2002, Zachary Cale recorded some odd 23 songs with an acoustic guitar a friend had given him and a borrowed 4-track cassette machine. According to Zach Outlander Sessions was never intended to be released, as it was recorded solely as a gift to send to friends back home. Fate would have it that a poorly xeroxed copy of the original Outlander Sessions CDR found it’s way to WFMU’s John Allen, who decided to grant it an official release on his New World of Sound imprint. Although it’s re-release in 2005 went by largely unheard it inspired Cale to take songwriting seriously. Outlander Sessions documents the primitive beginnings of Cale’s unique approach to song craft.

-LP edition comes in a silk-screened jacket. Extremely limited!
-CD edition is a full color digipak.


Outlander Sessions is a personal statement about distance, isolation and alienation brought on by love, and the transition from rock guitarist to solo acoustic performer. Zachary Cale was previously a member of several short lived Olympia college bands inspired by Dead Moon, Unwound and Pere Ubu. Upon his arrival to Harlem NYC in 2002 and affected by the tune-smithery of Peter Laughner, Tim Hardin and Townes Van Zandt, recorded this LP of ballads, Highway 61 rockers, and finger-picked instrumentals.”

-John Allen (WFMU)


“The young man blues. Zachary Cale is a twentysomething Olympia-to-Harlem transplant who recorded these 11 songs in the winter of 2003 on a four-track. Mostly acoustic strum with some electric touches, Cale (no relation to John or J.J. from what I gather) comes across on the straightahead folk-stone tip, languishing in the lazy glow of coal heat against cold skin. He’s a good guitarist, a fine songwriter somewhere between a Doug Martsch type and a heartbroken Tim Hardin, and the songs work just so. Edition of 400 in a silkscreened jacket; CD issue forthcoming eventually. On the long-dormant, always excellent New World of Sound label.”

-Doug Mosurock (Still Single – Dusted Magazine)