Peter's House Music

Peter’s House Music

Peter’s House Music is an accumulation of music recorded by Peter Schuette at his home recording studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn. ¬†Previously a member of Silk Flowers, Psychobuildings, and formerly Soiled Mattress & the Springs and Usa is a Monster, PHM has been Peter’s outlet to explore some of his previously unaddressed influences, the greatest being D.J. Harvey’s regular dance night at Love in the West Village and its unrestrained positivity. Mixing house beats, Depeche Mode-style FM keyboard sounds, piano, guitar, etc., Peter starts with elements of electronic dance music and writes compositions that bridge the gap between Roedelius’ (of Cluster) slow and thoughtful Selbstportrait series, early 80s electro-dance and R&B, Dam Funk, and whoever else escaped from his subconscious at the time of recording.

Peter’s House Music’s Jump EP was released by All Hands Electric in 2010. ¬†As of late Schuette has been spanning time with James Elliott in their new project Test House.