Plates of Cake

Plates of Cake

Plates of Cake is a Brooklyn based band led by songwriter/guitarist Jonathan Byerley.  Having already released two outstanding albums of hazy folk songs under his own name, Byerley decided it was time to call in some old friends and cohorts from his home state of Colorado and strike up the band.  With an emphasis on lyrical structure and clever melodies, Plates of Cake play a kind of surrealistic rock music favored by luminaries such as The Soft Boys and Guided By Voices.  The songs that make up their self-titled LP run the gamut from hook-laden rockers to cool country charmers, all delivered like a band that’s been playing together for years.

In 2011 Plates of Cake followed their debut with a new 7″ featuring the songs “As if the Choice Were Mine” and “Transit Trials”. Also available from All Hands Electric.

2013 will see the release of their sophomore LP Teenage Evil on Uninhabitable Mansions.