Prudence Teacup

Prudence Teacup

Prudence Teacup, aka Alfra Martini, writes lullabies for heroes and sinners. She  has been called a “reluctant chanteuse” as she often avoids the stage, preferring the quiet hermitage of a cramped room.  Her music weaves antique melodies within electronic soundscapes.  There is a genuine playfulness in the way she arranges her songs. The music isn’t labored over but rather laid out in a broad expressionistic style. Primitively plucked classical guitars ring out over layers of percussion and midi-instruments. Ghostly sounds envelope her voice, which she expertly layers with splendidly odd harmonies. Fall and redemption, venom and balm, myth and truth all collide in the hiss of her homespun recordings.

In 2009 Alfra collaborated with Joseph Hung on a short film entitled Two Lullabies, starring Prudence Teacup in the lead role.  The film’s soundtrack consisted of two Prudence Teacup songs.

In 2010, shortly after the album release of Where All the Little Songs Go When They Die Prudence was asked to support the band Rasputina on tour.  Alfra assembled a live band with members Keegan Cooke (Crystal Stilts), Phil Glauberzon (Psychic Lines), cellist Anna Callner, and Zachary Cale to take with her on the road.

Since then Alfra Martini has begun a new project called Virginia Plain.  Their debut single was released on All Hands Electric in 2012.