Psychobuildings is a psychedelic construction of danceable beats, lyrical splendor, and shimmering dance performance. The group originated with front-man Peter LaBier in 2010, a visual artist with the aim to create not just a band, but an artful experience for all the senses. LaBier joined forces with Peter Schuette (Silk Flowers) and Juan Pieczanski (Small Black) to blend dizzying layers of synth and percussion, creating the band’s upbeat-yet-dark electronic dance sound.

LaBier’s angular vocals cut through the maze, delivering lyrics rich with fragmented imagery. References flash from history to pop-culture to observations on mortality and back offering a glimpse into his twisted sonic landscape. “No Man’s Land”, explores scenes from George Orwell’s book, “Homage to Catalonia” citing both the horrors and drudgery of life on the front lines of war in a dead-pan chant: “A company man until your limbs won’t bend in the dugouts / Salvage run with the well trained mobs / Not a shrub left to hug / Not one dumb crumb that you starve for.”

Live performances artfully fuse visual, aural, and tactile elements with uniquely designed outfits and stage props. The group collaborates with artist Ryan Johnson to further enhance the visual spectacle. Johnson’s theatrical sets colorfully frame LaBier’s wildly fluid dance moves, reminiscent of James Brown, Michael Jackson and David Byrne.

The band is currently in the studio working on their first full length with producer Peter Wade (MNDR, Jennifer Lopez) who produced the Hearts EP  released on Wade’s own Wonder Sound imprint in 2012.