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AHE-09 PETER'S HOUSE MUSIC - Jump - 12" EP: $12
Running at 45 rpm in a silk screened die cut jacket the debut EP titled Jump contains 7 transportive tracks of trance inducing wonder. Equally inspired by early electronic music pioneers of the German variety such as Cluster’s Roedelius, as well as the after hours DJ culture presently alive in NYC, Schuette constructs sculptures of sound for loud speakers. Produced at home, with beats laid down and instruments applied in an impressionistic style Peter manages to reference the disparate music of 80’s synth bands, minimalist composers, elevator music, the commercial schmaltz of late period Herbie Hancock and like the project name suggests "House Musi"c of all stripes and colors.

Peter's House Music

Peter’s House Music

Peter's House Music is an accumulation of music recorded by Peter Schuette at his home recording studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Previously a member of Silk Flowers and Psychobuildings, PHM has been Peter's outlet to explore some of his previously unaddressed influences. Mixing house beats, Depeche Mode-style FM keyboard sounds, piano, guitar, etc., Peter starts with elements of electronic dance music and writes compositions that bridge the gap between Roedelius' (of Cluster) slow and thoughtful Selbstportrait series, early 80s electro-dance and R&B, Dam Funk, and whoever else escaped from his subconscious at the time of recording.