Teenage Evil

Teenage Evil

Catalog #: UM027
Format: LP
Release date: 2013


1. Late Last London
2. A Capital Is Born

3. Transit Trials

4. Hey Hey That’s Devotion

5. Underwater Moonlight

6. Teenage Evil
7. Ticket to the Races

8. Aviation Show

9. Better Than Cruel

10. Jade Vine

11. As If The Choice Were Mine

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Teenage Evil

UM027 (Uninhabitable Mansions) PLATES OF CAKE – Teenage Evil – LP: $15

Teenage Evil is the new album from the band Plates of Cake. The band is composed of four gentlemen from New York City: Jonathan sings and plays the guitar. Josh plays the other guitar. Gann plays the bass. Ian plays the drums. They all met in Colorado, where three of them went to high school together. They’ve all done different things since then, but now they are unmistakably Plates of Cake.

Teenage Evil will incite the young people of this country and other countries to strike out against everything they find loathsome and harrowing about existence, from unrealistic academic demands to social networking to varsity sports. This is a dissertation written on the backs of record covers in blood that upon closer inspection turns out to be cadmium red cadged from art class.
-Uninhabitable Mansions

-LP comes with download card. Extremely limited!


Back in 2010, Brooklyn’s Plates of Cake released their eponymous debut, one of the great unsung guitar-pop records of that year. Two-plus years later, they expand on that album’s impressive palate of sound with Teenage Evil, a blissed-out yet dingy set of sharp power-pop tunes. The band still pits propulsive, sunburst riffs against the gruff croon of singer Jonathan Byerley, but here the songcraft tightens just a bit, while the breadth of sounds continues to expand. Opener “Late Last London” hits with lean pop power, but it sets up the statelier angles of the hooks in “A Capitol Is Born” and the Springsteen-cum-reggae sweetness of “Hey Hey That’s Devotion”. Every song here hits with the darkly humorous charm of, say, Robyn Hitchcock (no wonder they cover the Soft Boys’ “Underwater Moonlight”), but delivers the quirky rock punch of any band Robert Pollard has fronted. Part restless pop experimenters, part hazy rockers, Plates of Cake are a band owed some attention, and with the top-to-bottom excellent Teenage Evil, they just might get it.
-Matthew Fiander (Pop Matters)