Catalog #: WSC015
Format: CD
Release date: 2012

CD: $8

1. Hearts
2. Wonderchamber
3. Baby Cops
4. Awake at The Gates
5. Shocked Forever

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WSC015 (Wondersound Records) PSYCHOBUILDINGS  - Hearts  - CD: $8

The latest EP by dance floor rulers Psychobuildings featuring 5 new tracks! Produced by Peter Wade at WonderSound studios.


“There’s a certain urge to Psychobuildings’s music. It’s like those teenage primal desires of sneaking out to a party, or groping past the first few bases in the back of a car. The music sparkles, thumps, and yearns across 5 tight tracks made for both new wave moods and dance floor grinds. It’s an itch you just have to scratch, because it’s familiar yet like nothing you’ve experienced before. Let stunning singer Peter LaBier take you there, he’s holding out his hand in your direction.”
-Allison Zatarain (Hell in a Leather Jacket)


“’80s synth-funk vibe aimed at the hips.” -Brooklyn Vegan